Why European Not Play Cricket | Cricket In Europe

This is the question of many cricket fans from the european countries, Why Cricket is not a popular game in Europe? and why European did not play cricket?

Here i want to share a good news with you that Europe start his own cricket league namely Euro T20 Slam. Euro t20 league is the first ever t20 cricket league of the europe. we already write an article on the Euro T20 Slam Schedule.

The Game which is most popular in the european countries is the football.

Cricket In European Countries

European Cricket Concuil (ECC) Euis an international body which overseae the cricket, Other than the England , Wlaes and Ireland (These three are test playing teams).

ECC Have 34 member countries

European countries all member of International Cricket Coucil category wise. Here is the three categoris of membership.

  • Full Membership
  • Associate Mebership
  • Affilate Membership

Only England (Host of ICC CWC 2019) is the only full member of ICC.  Many countries of Euro are Associate or Affilate Members of ICC. Here is the Full list of cricket playing countries in Europe.

There are 92 Associte members of the ICC. These mebers can not Qualify for the full membership of the ICC.

France, Cricket is not much popular as compare to football. France is the Associate member of the icc.

Cricket is game that grew up in England, And spread throughout his empire in 19th and 20th centries. As the resut The major Nation Australia,India, Newzealand, South Africa, Pakistan and west indies are all the member of the British Commonwealth.Rest of the Euro was not part of British Empire and so cricket was never part of supporting culture in these european countries.

But in 2019 culture is change and no full cricket t20 league euro t20 is european. In Next few years cricket will grow in these countries.

European Cricket League 2023

Euro T20 Slam is the European cricket league for 2023. Euro t20 schedule 30th August to 22 September 2023.