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Are you looking for a PSL 2024 points table? Here is the latest update. PSL 9 Points Table. Latest Updated after every Match.

You are at the right place, Here is the Latest PSL points table. Pakistan Super League is a series of T20 cricket matches held under the Pakistan cricket board. This league started with an amazing start.

As PSL 2024 is approaching fans are excited to watch the performance of their favorite teams and players.

Here is the PSL 2024 Points Table with today’s winning team and prediction is here.

All the cricket fans across the world are looking forward to watching all the PSL 2024 matches. You can check the Latest update.

Checking out each match summary of the Pakistan Super League and arranging the points table will be at the peak during these matches.

In this detailed article, we shall discuss how the points table works in the Pakistan Super League and PSL points table completely.

PSL 9 Points Table

PSL Points Table is updated daily. We update this Post twice a day, we Update the Latest.

The PSL points table is the following. you can track your favorite PSL team performance. The PSL points table shows you the performance of the team.

  • P:- Total No Of Matches Played.
  • W:- Won, Total Number of Matches Won.
  • L:-  Lost, Number of Matches Lost.
  • T:- Tied, Matches..
  • NR:- Number of matches left.
  • PTS:- Number of Points given.
  • NRR:- PSL Net Run Rate.

The PSL points table is the following. you can track your favorite PSL team performance. PSL 4 points table shows you the performance of the team.

Team performance

The format of PSL is similar to other T20 formats that are adapted in cricket games all over the world.

  • There are total teams who will be playing in PSL.
  • These 6 teams consist of players under different categories from all over the world.
  • There are a total of 34 matches to be played.
  • Each team will play a total of 10 matches each.
  • One win will get 2  points table
  • 1 point for the draw and zero points for the loss.
  • The top four teams which will be selected based on the highest PSL will be qualified for the semifinals.
  • Afterward, the two teams who are winners of the semi-final will play in Karachi.
  • This Final match will determine the winner of PSL.
  • PCB has selected the rules & regulations according to ICC standard rules which are the same in all other cricket leagues around the world.

PSL Points Table Distribution

During the first or group stage, the PSL Points Table will be distributed as follows:

  • 2 points for the team to win
  • 1 point for each team in case of no result
  • 0 points in case of loss
  • If there is a draw b/w, two teams, then a super over at the end of the match will be held to decide the winning team

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PSL Points Table Criteria

The rankings of the PSL 9 points table will be determined based on the following criteria

  • The team holding the highest points
  • In case the teams are holding equal points then the team with the highest no. of wins
  • Still equal will be judged on the net run rate
  • lower bowling strike rate
  • Still equal then ahead to the head meeting will decide which team is more deserving

First playoff

In the end, the top four will be qualified to play run-offs also known as semifinal matches. The 1st and 2nd teams will play against each other in the first match.

Second playoff

The 3rd and 4th teams will play a match in which the losing team will crash out of the tournament while the winning team will play against the lost team in the first match between teams 1st and 2nd.

Final: The winner of the second playoff will play against the winner of the first playoff in a final match of the Pakistan Super League.

Q1.When does PSL 9 Start?

Pakistan Super League 9th edition will start on January 28, 2024. There will be 34 Matches. 25 Matches will be played in the United Arab Emirates. While 9 Pakistan Super League Cricket matches were played in Lahore and Karachi.

Q2. When PSL Points Table Update?

Yes, the Points Table of the Pakistan Super League is updated match by match. The PSL Schedule team will be updated with PSL points from the live match.

We update the PSL points table within a second.

Q3.How Many Teams Are in PSL?

The PSL with 6 teams of franchises. In the previous session, six teams appeared. Multan-based team “Multan Sultans.

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