Who Will Win The Cricket World Cup 2023 [CWC 2023 Winner Predictions]

ICC Cricket world cup 2023 winner ? Who will win this mega cricket event?

Who will be the cricket world cup winner, here is the ICC Cricket world cup 2023 prediction. you can say wise and analyzed predictions of CWC 2023. England and Wales going to host this mega cricket event after the 20 years.

Weakness and Strenht of each team with a valid reason, why team in 2023 world cup winner list.

This is the 12th edition of ICC Cricket world cup. Here we will predict about the cwc 2023 winner.

This edition format of the tourment is changed. No group matches this time. Single group of ten teams each time will play with other nine teams,

Top four teams will play knock out semi final, as well as CWC 2023 Final. Lets Now we will discuss about the CWC 2023 Team.

which are capable winning cricket world cup 2023 and making semi final. keep reading this article till end and gave your opinion in comment box.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Winner

Prediction of Cricket world cup 2023. before this i want to clear ICC ODI Team Ranking.

  • England (1 ODI Ranking)
  • India (2nd ODI ranking)
  • South Africa (3rd on ranking)
  • New Zealand (4th)
  • Australia (5th)
  • Pakistan (6th)
  • Bangladesh (7th)
  • West Indies (8th)
  • Sri Lanka (9th)
  • Afghanistan (10th)

These are the top 10 teams in ICC OI Team ranking. Lets discuss who will win cricket world cup 2023. The discussion will be team to team in effective way. you can also participate in the discussion by commenting.

CWC 2023 Winner Predictions

Here is the five teams. Four team will be in the semi final of the world cup. CWC 2023 Points Table will show many things about the cricket world cup.

  1. England
  2. India
  3. Pakistan
  4. South Africa

Lets discuss why above four teams are capable of CWC 2023 winner.


ICC One Day international Ranking #1. England cricket team stands number one ranking. Also host of the ICC Cricket world cup 2023. you can imagine sport and crowd.

Lets discuss weakness and strength of this team.

2023 world cup winner england

Best Bastmen in England Team

Here is the Best bastemen in the cricket world cup 2023 team England.

  • Joe Root (6 Positin in the Bastmen Ranking)
  • Jose Butter (16 Postion in Batsmen Ranking)

England team have two top ranked batsmen. best batemen in their iCC cricket world cup 2023 squad.


According to ICC Bowler ranking this team have these best bowlers.

  • Adil Rasheed (#9
  • ChrishWoakes( (#10)

So England also have top 10 Bowlers in his players list.


You can say best team of cwc. England have no problem in their squad. But some problems in their Bowlers performance.

England can win Icc cricket world cup 2023. if their Bowlers perform wll in the tourment. England is confirm in the semi final. This is the 100% Preditionabout the England Cricket team oin cwc 2023.


According to CWC 2023 predition india team stands no 2. this team also confirm in the world cup semi final. Here is the strong as well weak points of the india team in world cup 2023.

2023 world cup india team predicitions

Batsmen In India Team

Well team India have best Batsmen in the world cup 2023. Three batsmen in the top 10 rankings of ICC ODI Batsmen Ranking.

  • Virat Kholi (No.1 Batsmen)
  • Rohit Sharma (No.4 Top Batsmen)
  • Shikar Dhawan (#10)

Indian have world strong  bating line. No doubt india will enter the world cup as favourite team. This is also favourite team to win world cup 2023.

Best Bowlers In India CWC 2023 Squad

India have 2 bowlers from the top 10 ICC ODi Bowlers Rankings.

  • Bumrah (No.1 In ICC Rnking)
  • Chahal (#8)

Bumrak is the top bowlers accordin to the ICC odi ranking.

Now you can imagine the power of the india world cup 2023 team. Team have No.1 Batsmen as well as No.1 Bowler.

main Strength of the indian team is the bating. But these days india have best bowlers too. No Dout india is the strongest team in world cup 2023.

Indian team is capable of winning world cup.


Pakistan Cricket world cup 2023 team stands number 3 in our list of winning cwc 2023 teams. lets dicuss the Strong as well weak points of this team.

ICC ODI Ranking 5. Pakitan TeamStands No 5 In ODi Ranking. Pakistan is an unpredictable team. No one can eaxactly predict this team. Winner of champion trophy, will win world cup 2023?

2023 world cup predictions about pakistan team

Best Batsmen

Pakistan have one batsmen frm top 10, of batsmen Ranking.

  • Babar Azam (#2 ICC Ranking)

Best Bowlers

Strenaght of the Pakistan Cricket world cup team is the Bowling. Pakistan have two top Bowlers.

  • Hassan Ali ( ICC Ranking #3)
  • Muhammad Amir (#32)

Pakistani Bowlers perform very well in champion trophy. You can expect best performace by them in the ICC Cricket world cup 2023.

These Bowlers can Break the strongest bating Line of india and England.  Muhammad Amir can give tough time to any Batsmen.


Pakistan World cup team have some serious weskness, in bating line. they should fix as soon as possible. hope Pakistan will win world cup 2023.

This was the ICC Cricket world cup 2023 predicition, PTV Sports Live Streaming 2019 Cwc will be available in Pakistan. An Ten Sports Will broadcats 2023 cricket world cup in india.

According To ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule  PDF

1st ODI Match of CWC 2023 will be play between the Eng Vs Sa at The Oval.  these are the ICC Cricket world cup 2023 Predictions with genius guess.