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Asia Cup 2020 Schedule PDF Download [Venue, Host, Tickets]

Cricket is an international game and it is been played all around the world. There are many different kinds of tournaments in cricket, let it be, World cup, test series, Asia cup, IBL or PSL 2020.  Asia Cup 2020 Schedule in September this year.

Cricket is being loved by all around the world and the most in Asia. Asia has many countries who loves playing cricket and it is the most played sport in their countries.

Asia cup is one of the important cricket tournament that is being held in Asia. It is arranged by the International Cricket Council. Asia Cup 2020 Schedule in September this year.

Asia Cup Schedule 2020

Here is the Asia Cup Schedule PDF. Download This file and keep touch with the every Match of The Asi Cup.

Asia Cup was introduced in 1984 in UAE. The first tournament was between India, Srilanka, and Pakistan. The second edition of the match was held in Srilanka in 1986. India withdraws from the tournament because of personal reasons. Srilanka won the second tournament.

From 2016, it was decided that the cricket would be played on a rotation basis,ODI and T-20 format. The first T-20 match was held in Bangladesh.

Who is the best team in Asia Cup?

Well, every team is best in their own terms but India is the best amongst all. The sole reason is that India has won most of the Asia cup and Srilanka is the second one. India has a great team that a strong base in terms of batting and balling as well. Therefore, India is the best team in the Asia cup.
India has won the Asia cup around seven times, Srilanka won it five times and Pakistan won it two times.

Asia Cup 2020 Team Squad Players

There are five teams in Asia Cup 2020 and these are, India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

There is a total of five teams that would be split into two groups and from those group, top two would be selected for the tournament and then the top three would be selected for the final matches.

Asia Cup 2020 Host

The next Asia cup 2020 would be hosted by Pakistan. This right is been given by Pakistan by Asian cricket council (ACC). It is yet to be decided whether matches would be conducted in Pakistan or UAE.

It is been announced by ACC President Nazmul Hassan Papon that it is been left on Pakistan whether they want to hold matches in Pakistan or any other country. The decision is still pending because of the political problems between India and Pakistan.

Since Pakistan would be hosting Asia cup 2020) tournament. These tournaments have definitely given a positive image to the world and have improved Pakistan’s stance all around the world. The 15th season is just about to start and all the things are almost finalized. The team, schedule, matches, and fixtures. You can get tickets from retailers and even online as well.

Most of the matches would commence at 3:30 pm other than the final one. The hosting country would give privilege to all the teams and their players. Their safety is in their hands. All the necessities would be given to players. People wait for Asia cup series all around the world as it brings people closer in terms of sports and for humanity as well.

The tournament will start in September 2020 and it would be played in the T20 format.


Asia cup 2020 matches would consist of one day and this would be the 15th edition of Asia cup. The schedule of the Asia cup is not been decided yet. It would be decided by July 2020 and so would be the ticket price and availability. PCB and ACC are still deciding the schedule and venue.

Tickets for Asia Cup 2020

Tickets are the main asset for watching the Asia cup live in Stadium. Nothing is impossible without it.
Tickets for Asia cup 2020 would be available online on many sites, either it is UAE or Pakistan. The venue is not decided yet but people can purchase tickets at retail
Outlets, through agents or online. In UAE, tickets are also being sold through Platinumlist
and through agents. The prices of the tickets would differ in terms of seating arrangement, package, day time or night match. The prices of the ticket would be more for semi-finals and finals.

These Asia Cup 2020 Tickets will be for sale very soon.

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Asia cup 2020 Tickets retailer shops

One of the amazing parts is that Asia cup 2020 tickets would be available at many retail shops if they decide to conduct matches in Pakistan. You can purchase the tickets for your favorite match from anyone who’s selling them. In Lahore and Karachi, you can get them easily. Further, TCS express will also sell Asia cup tickets. The ticket price for the matches may differ from each other. Tickets would be available from July after venue and schedule are decided yet.

This is the complete Asia Cup Schedule PDF Download. You Can Also Download IPL 2020 Schedule PDF
I hope this article is helpful and informative. The schedule of the Asia Cup is not decided yet either is the venue. Pakistan will host the Asia cup this year and let’s hope that it does is best in doing that. I hope the wait is worth it.

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